What difference between decals and printed stickers?

Decal stickers and printed stickers are two different types of custom stickers. While they both serve the same purpose of creating a visual design or message on a surface, they differ in their design, production, and application methods.

Decal stickers are made from vinyl material and are cut out from a larger sheet, leaving only the design. They are often used for car decals, wall decals, or to add designs to hard surfaces like laptops and water bottles. Decal stickers are transferable, meaning they are applied to the surface by peeling and sticking the vinyl to the desired surface.

Printed stickers, on the other hand, are created by printing the design directly onto a sticky paper material. They are often used for promotional purposes, like product labeling, event promotions, or to create custom designs. Printed stickers come in a range of sizes and shapes, and can be produced in bulk quantities.

In conclusion, both decal stickers and printed stickers have their own unique characteristics, and the best choice depends on the specific use case. Decal stickers are better for applying to hard surfaces and are great for creating unique designs, while printed stickers are more versatile and can be produced in large quantities for promotional purposes.